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We are a group of seasoned professionals with deep industry knowledge and experience in delivering practical, anti-financial crime and counter-terrorist financial solutions

We are subject matter experts working across different departments who share experience in creating and implementing financial crime compliance solutions are passionate about building compliance culture in financial institutions. In 2020 we formed Fight FinCrime Community of Practice to provide the awareness and knowledge to detect and prevent financial crime to protect people, families, and businesses.

The threat of wildlife trade in AML

Tigers, white rhinos, leopards, African elephants, and orangutans- seen by many as majestic and charming animals. Many of us admire them and try to capture their beauty with many of these animals at risk of extinction. Unfortunately, not everyone has such pure intentions. Trade in wild animals is becoming an increasingly popular way to launder money.


Understanding AML in the UK Charity Sector

The charity sector is often called the Tertiary Sector, the volunteer sector, the not-for-profit sector, the community sector or the civic sector. The aim of this sector is to generate social wealth rather than material wealth. Let's analyse it in the context of anti money laundering and compliance.


A Spotlight on Modern Slavery

Over 50 million people suffering and $150 billion in profits. Is the world coping with modern slavery? What steps should you take to improve the reality? Find out what role the financial sector has to play in detecting modern slavery.


Digital Transformation in banking sector

What are the main opportunities and threats attached to the digital transformation? Why do banks undergo digital transformation and how it impacts Finance, HR and Business Change functional areas? This article seeks to explore possible answers to those questions. Join us to learn more on this topic as we speak to NatWest Polska Leadership Team. 


Fight FinCrime Forum 2023 is here!

The fight against financial crime is a key element in maintaining the integrity of financial systems, preventing money laundering, fraud and corruption, and ensuring a fair and transparent global economy. It builds trust in financial institutions and contributes to the overall stability of the global financial ecosystem.


Power of Flash mentoring in FinCrime

As John Maxwell says, “We all need someone to help us in our pursuit of intentional growth and the right mentor helps you take massive leaps forward.”
In the realm of financial crime prevention, flash mentoring is revolutionizing the way professionals stay informed and prepared. This article explores its transformative impact on skills and strategies in the ongoing battle against financial wrongdoing. Join us to discover the power of flash mentoring in FinCrime.