Fight FinCrime Forum 2023 is here!

The fight against financial crime is a key element in maintaining the integrity of financial systems, preventing money laundering, fraud and corruption, and ensuring a fair and transparent global economy. It builds trust in financial institutions and contributes to the overall stability of the global financial ecosystem.

Fight FinCrime Forum is an annual event that aims to connect AML and financial crime professionals so they can build networks and synergy, to provide an opportunity for exchange of experiences and to share the knowledge and best practices.   

Fight FinCrime Forum was designed to spread the awareness of how to detect and prevent financial crime, how to protect people, families and businesses, and to build the unity in countering FinCrime. 

The theme of this year's edition is Building a resilient and ethical financial system.  

We will take a closer look at the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations and technology’s role in financial crime prevention. We believe that by combining ESG framework with fintech solutions, financial institutions can build more resilient systems that prioritize ethical behaviour and technological advance in their efforts. 

When & Where? 

This year’s edition of Fight Fin Crime Forum will take place on November 8th, in Sound Garden Hotel, 18 Żwirki & Wigury, Warsaw, and will be broadcast live on the Internet.  

What to expect? 

The event is free of charge. In order to attend the Forum you only need to register. The event offers a diverse line-up of speakers including high-level representatives of compliance organizations and regulatory bodies to leading FinTech professionals. The event will combine different perspectives, backgrounds and expertise on relevant topics across fincrime, such us: ESG & fincrime synergy, the future of financial crime compliance, balancing sanctions and ESG or intersectoral cooperation in financial crime prevention. 

To promote different learning and engagement styles, diverse topics will be discussed in a variety of ways: keynote speeches, panel discussions, networking activities among the attendees and Q&A sessions. All in one day. 

This year`s keynote speakers list includes Pav Gill, Elżbieta Franków-Jaśkiewicz, Marcus Wogart, and many more. 

Who is the event dedicated to? 

The Forum has been designed for regulated financial institutions and shared services specialist, representatives of regulatory authorities and industry associations, fintechs and traditional institutions working for the development of ESG, representatives of obligated institutions such as banks or government agencies, academics and students of finance, economics, cyber security, and everyone else interested in fincrime issues.  

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Authors: Natalia Kozłowska

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